Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Rocket Presentation

This is a presentation that Pahn Nwee, Samantha and I have made about our time making rockets at tamaki college. We had alot of fun making rockets with Mr Dunn and we hope we can again.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


This is a game the year 7 have played at Tech. There are a variety of games to play but I have chosen to play angry birds. In this game we have to try and make the angry bird attack the Bad piggy. You would also have to try and drag the write words underneath it and make it match. Then when you have done that, you would have to press run and then it would move by itself.

3D Shapes


This is a presentation that Samantha, Jazmine, Oh S'Mar, Dontalian and I have made. We had to try and make a shape using toothpicks and wine gums. First we had to try and make a triangle using the following equipment then we had to do a super challenge by making a 3D shape that would of had to had 12 sides to it. It was fun because when we finished making our shapes with the wine gums, Mrs Anderson said we could eat them but only in class and at morning T time. In our group we worked Collabrotively to try and make different kind of shapes. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Time Comparison

This is comparison that Asmah and I created about the differences between the times of the Pilgrims and the modern day life of today.


This is a presentation that Asmah and I have made about Thanks Giving. We had to write what we can see in the picture. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Do you think it would have been comfortable clothing to wear the Pilgrim outfit? List the reasons to support your statement.
  • No, because the girls uniform would of been really tight on them and the boys don't really wear things like that.
  • Because the boys wouldn't of been able to run in a dress
  • Because the dress might of been to long and you might have to lift it up from the ground to wear it.
This is a Comparison that Asmah and I have mad about what the Pilgrim people wore and what we wear now. I think the clothes we wear now is much better than the outfits back in the days because out outfit it much neater and boys wear a different kind of uniform.

Thanks Giving

This is a padlet that Asmah and I have made about Thanks Giving day. We worked callobrotivly to make this padlet. The information used in this is all about Thanks Giving day because it is a special day in America.